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Costs of Senior Care

We are comparably priced with other private pay costs of senior care choices, but much more cost effective, offer far more service, saftey, monitoring, quality & continuity of care when compared to Assisted Living, In-Home Care, Adult Day Care & Nursing Home settings.

Person comes to your home
$25/hr for 4 hrs a day = $100/day or $3000/ mo
Monthly rate for 8hrs/day = $6000/ mo.
Monthly rate for 24/hrs/day = $18000/mo
The cost Rises as care needs increase
Lacks coordination of care
Transportation not provided
Med reminders only
$4000/mo. to $9000/mo.

RATES RISE as needs & level of care increase**
As care needs increase, price increases
Administrator on site to manage 50-100 residents
(Likely NOT MD or RN)
Low staffing, 2-3 staff per 50-100 residents
(Group Home)
Dementia Endorsed
$3,000 to $6,000 mo

Residential Care Homes or "Group Homes",
In general, are a better value
Vary Widely in cost, quality of care, amenities,
management & staff.
Offer a good value if you find one with consistent
staff & hands on management
Often more personalized & family like
Skilled Nursing Facility
$300/day or $9000/mo
Skilled Nursing Home (SNF) is PRIVATE PAY!
Only after you spend all of your estate
you may qualify for MEDICAID which pays for LTC SNF.
MEDICARE/insurance does NOT pay for
Long Term Nursing Home Care.

Medicare only pays for Short Term Rehab
Beds used for Long Term Care are decreasing


Senior Care Option
$4500/mo. to $6000/mo
Inclusive Fixed billing
Not A La Cart

*Rates NOT expected to rise as needs increase*
Geriatric MD & RN owned and managed
Great Value-Fixed-Inclusive rates for
better quality care & coordination
Focus on long-term relationship building
High staff ratio, low staff turnover
Broadly trained staff by MD & RN
*Of all the care settings listed PCA is the most expensive, least flexible and the most likely to cost $18,000/mo. or more when 24/hr care is needed
Disclaimer: These are general estimates. Each option and facility will have their own prices and be staffed with different individuals. These are
intended as a guide to help people see the wide range of choices to be bettere informed when making decisions about senior care options.

Costs are all inclusive at TLCSR

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  • Senior Care Specialists
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Costs of Senior Care for those seeking to Age in Place

Here is a State by State List as published by

State:   Semi-Private  vs   Private
Alaska $27,573.00 $29,291.00
Connecticut $12,623.00 $13,733.00
Hawaii $12,167.00 $13,657.00
Massachusetts $12,015.00 $12,775.00
New York $11,756.00 $12,189.00
North Dakota $11,027.00 $11,690.00
New Jersey $10,646.00 $11,863.00
Delaware $10,494.00 $10,950.00
New Hampshire $10,342.00 $11,102.00
West Virginia $10,281.00 $11,072.00
Pennsylvania $9,612.00 $10,114.00
Vermont $9,475.00 $9,901.00
Maine $9,429.00 $10,098.00
Oregon $9,277.00 $9,977.00
Maryland $9,231.00 $9,673.00
District of Columbia $9,125.00 $9,733.00
Minnesota $9,125.00 $10,188.00
Rhode Island $8,821.00 $9,733.00
Washington $8,669.00 $9,718.00
Michigan $8,562.00 $9,125.00
California $8,365.00 $9,817.00
Wisconsin $8,334.00 $9,346.00
Nevada $8,228.00 $9,262.00
Florida $8,152.00 $9,064.00
Colorado $7,892.00 $9,000.00
Idaho $7,574.00 $8,045.00
Virginia $7,452.00 $8,517.00
New Mexico $7,285.00 $7,619.00
Wyoming $7,178.00 $7,543.00
Ohio $7,118.00 $7,908.00
Montana $7,006.00 $7,310.00
North Carolina $6,950.00 $7,711.00
Nebraska $6,905.00 $7,266.00
Indiana $6,859.00 $8,243.00
Kentucky $6,844.00 $7,604.00
Mississippi $6,692.00 $7,087.00
South Dakota $6,616.00 $7,072.00
Arizona $6,494.00 $7,908.00
South Carolina $6,418.00 $7,209.00
Tennessee $6,388.00 $6,844.00
Georgia $6,342.00 $6,768.00
Alabama $6,279.00 $6,661.00
Iowa $6,083.00 $6,479.00
Utah $6,083.00 $7,604.00
Illinois $5,916.00 $6,753.00
Kansas $5,414.00 $5,865.00
Arkansas $5,353.00 $5,986.00
Louisiana $5,232.00 $5,542.00
Missouri $5,019.00 $5,543.00
Texas $4,798.00 $6,540.00
Oklahoma $4,639.00 $5,293.00