TLCSR Assisted Living Residential Care Home


Kerry and Shawn McGivney began with their first location in 2009 at

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence

1401 Casa Del Rey Ct,

Las Vegas, NV 89117., 702-228-2994

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They continued to develop the Geriatric Medical and continuity of care that were required to achieve a complete, long term care, solution for families with a variety of chronic illness including mobility issues, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety disorder, Clinical Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, incontinence, diabetes, heart disease and all chronic diseases.  They noted that in fact the medical labels were less important than the non-medical and Geriatric Psychiatry / emotional care needs that all people shared with any chronic illness.

That realization lead to fine tuning the small community business structure of Tender Loving Care.  After their initial work with that location and small business they started a second independent business which operates similarly to the fist but stands alone as a second small business. 

This revolutionary model of care in many ways is a pilot study that shows enormous cost savings and high quality of care which is successful in a best in the nation, system of regulations to protect seniors while offering this choice in care competitively to all other care choices of home health assistants, Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care units, other group homes and many other residential care homes.  Moreover, the McGivney’s believe this helps Family Caregivers, and spouses better plan and budget for the long-term care costs including both dollar and emotional, that chronic illnesses create.


The continuity of care is the opposite to the acute care system that is evolving in America today at great expense and lower levels of care and satisfaction for those with chronic illnesses.