Since Tender Loving Care Senior Living opened in 2009, TLCSL has achieved an “A “rating on every annual state inspection, which is the highest grade possible. TLCSL is proud to repeatedly adhere to regulations & achieve the highest grade in a state that has one of the nation’s highest regulatory standards for Group Homes or Assisted Living Facilities, Nevada.

As Nevadans, we are proud that a ProPublica study that investigated regulations for Assisted Livings & Group Homes in all 50 states revealed Nevada and Missouri to have the most robust regulations and protections in place.  Nevada meets the minimum standard regulations in each of the 5 areas investigated in the study. Nevada goes beyond the minimum standards and was one of the first states to require sprinklers in 1998.  They also require a BELTCA, Licensed Residential Facility Administrator, liability insurance and much more that other states do not require.