Alzheimer's Dementia & Memory Care

Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Memory Care is a growing concern. Here we discuss effective treatments and or therapies, as well as, research initiatives.  We provide information about the disease process. We help to find effective ways to help manage & treat this incurable disease.  The goal is to help improve quality of life, function and social interactions for the impaired individual and the family.  Until there is a cure the best plan is to find a reliable and experienced team. A team that includes a geriatric MD.  Only a carefully chosen team can provide the needed leadership and the best medical & behavioral treatment plan for each individual.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Memory Care is a topic which is affecting larger numbers of the population these days.  Many forget that like most chronic illnesses Alzheimer’s also affects the spouse, and entire family who care for their loved one.  The illness can progress over a decade or more.   These can have an impact on both, the individual and the broader family.  While doctors are focused on the individual patient many times, they would achieve better outcomes for BOTH the patient with Dementia and the family if they broadened their treatment to include non-medical, social, and financial aspects of the care plan. Geriatrics is a specialty that has focused training on these diseases. includes this specialized training.

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