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Residential Care Homes (RCH) are also referred to as group homes or board and care homes.  These are single-family homes where seniors and the disabled can reside and receive 24-hour assistance with personal care and activities of daily living.

The number of residents allowed to reside in homes varies statewide and ranges from 2- 10 residents.  Many offer private and shared rooms and provide a personal, family-like environment where residents can receive more personal & individualized care allowing personal relationships to develop between caregivers, residents and their families

Residents who reside in RCH’s receive 24hr supervision and assistance with personal care like bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and other Activities of Daily Living.  Medication Management, Meal Preparation, frequent snacks, Housekeeping & Laundry services are also provided.

Residential Care Homes are required to offer a variety of actives that cater to each residents’ interest; puzzles, bingo, crafts, checkers, playing cards, etc.  Due to the smaller size of RCH’s caregivers are often available to provide more direct time with residents to interact and participate with them in activities.

In addition, Residential Care Homes usually schedule doctor appointments & and have a caregiver who knows the resident, their medications, and knows their daily status, accompany residents to doctor appointments. This helps the resident to relay pertinent information back to the family and the home.

Caregivers in RCH’s receive at least, the state minimum required caregiver and medication management training and additional Dementia, Chronic Illness, or other special training if the home has a specialized endorsement.  See residential care homes for additional info on staffing and training

Costs vary anywhere between $3,000- $6000 for shared or private rooms.  The monthly rate typically is inclusive and covers all personal care, medication management, meals, laundry, housekeeping, and activities.  This makes it a cost-effective choice.

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