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Category: Senior News

The Baby Boom & Age Wave continue to shape global society.  As such Senior News continues to be a hot topic. As a result, there is never a shortage of topics.  Many issues affecting seniors, both Positive and negative.

Just look at any daily headline.  How to prevent Senior Fraud?  Top herbs for Dementia.  How to get new brain cells.  Dental Care over looked for seniors. Why older women get UTI’s,  Do crosswords help your brain?  The newest in Hearing Aids. Exercise and aging. Sense of smell & aging.

Other common topics of discussion, Caring for an aging spouse or parent and Alzheimer’s. Read about topics being shaped by chronic care needs globally & across many generations

Will Doctor Shortage affect Residential Care and Assisted Living?

Interesting article that discusses a possible doctor shortage.  They note that even if everyone gets insurance coverage that raises questions about how the new insurance programs might affect doctors, seniors and the care settings that rely on doctors including Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. The article points out

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Senior Care Las Vegas, Malpractice suits GUARENTEE you will be hurt! Find Safe Las Vegas Senior Care

I came across a very misleading article in Forbes. 10 Things you want to know about medical malpractice. This is written by lawyers who want you to sue.  Their advice builds a law suit during care. That is absolutely not the way to get the best care. That is

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Three Best Ways to Save Lives. Doctors are the Human Element!

Three Best ways to save lives!  Doctors are just a distant third!! But doctors are the Human Element and the Factor you need to use your individual Health and life resources! Doctors are third line of life savers to 1) Public Health and sewers and  2) Research and antibiotics.  While Doctors

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