Personal Care & Activities

Two senior pensioners enjoying their leisure time together inside a private nursing home. Tender caretaker in uniform standing next to themTLCSR provides 24 hr. care & supervision.  TLCSR has a high staff ratio which allows staff to take time with each individual resident and encourage the residents to participate in their own care, even if it takes a little longer to get the task done. This promotes feelings of independence that help residents feel useful and active and improves emotional health.  This is important to help maintain or even improve ones physical and emotional health for as long as possible.

The higher staff ratio provided at TLCSR also means minimal wait times, usually not longer than just a few minutes from the time they press their call bell asking for assistance.  Having additional staff is needed to provide the needed care & back up if unexpected issues or emergencies arise.  This is something you don’t get with one to one In- Home Care or Assisted living s where staff ratios are extremely low. 

In addition to a high staff ratio, TLCSR has awake caregivers during the overnight hours, who frequently check on residents throughout the night, ensuring they are safely tucked in bed. If a resident, wakes and needs assistance going to the bathroom, has other needs or just wants to be comforted or reassured, our staff are happy to help.  In addition, our staff adhere to our incontinence program that includes schedule brief checks and changes, not only during the day & evening, but also during sleeping hours to ensure residents are clean & dry and maintain proper skin integrity. This is an added benefit for residents who are less able to make their needs known. The staff of TLCSR have a variety of other monitoring systems like camera, motion sensors & alarms at their disposal when needed to help supervise & monitor residents.

Medication Management

TLCSR’s Medication Management program includes: the administration & documentation of medications, understanding the purpose, desired effect of medications, observation & monitoring for side effects or adverse reactions from medications, communicating regularly with the residents’ doctor, requesting refills for medications from the residents’ doctor, obtaining the medications from the pharmacy, counting the medications and logging them. 

Daily Excercise Program

TLCSR offers scheduled and unscheduled activities to their residents.  They offer a daily exercise program in which residents sit in a circle and participate to their best ability with various exercises for the head, neck, shoulders, arms legs and feet.  The degree of difficulty can be adjusted with use of hand weights or exercise bands to individualize the difficultly based on the need of each resident. We also add variety by adding pedal bikes, parachutes and the old fashion balloon toss which is a crowd favorite and gets a lot of smiles. It is common to hear singing and a lot of laughter during the daily exercise program. Residents, staff & family know each resident and share interactions & conversations.   TLCSR’s daily exercise program not only provides physical exercise but also provides socialization and personal interactions which provide enormous emotional health benefits to all the residents.   

TLCSR also provides individualized & advanced exercise and walking programs, with the benefit of contact guarding if needed, for residents who are more functional & able to do more and be more active.

Creative Activities

TLCSR offers a wide variety of activities.  Puzzles, cards, games, arts & crafts, paining and coloring, karaoke, Wii bowling & golf to name a few.  Residents often teach us old games and even some new games.  We encourage participation in activities, even if it is only to sit and observe that still provides social interaction and benefit. The activities are interactive and are coordinated and supervised by the caregivers so that each resident gets the maximum benefit based on their ability and functional status.  Even residents that have difficulty participating due to physical or cognitive limitations get benefits and enjoy the social interactions that develop as a result of the activity. 

The TLCSR model of care encourages & trains staff on how to help residents stay involved and interact with each other and their community. Whether it be through our scheduled actives like puzzles, crafts etc. or routines daily activities like assisting or watching staff prepare the meals, dry the dishes or converse with a variety of visitors helps keep residents connected & with other residents, families, visitors and caregivers.  At TLCSR, the focus on companionship increases opportunities for socialization and fosters a sense of belonging and feeling needed which improves emotional health & well-being. This is something that is hard to get in large Assisted Livings or one to one, care at home.  

Accompanied Outings & Transport to Appointments

TLCSR provides accompanied outings, with the caregivers, to movies, parks, picnics, chocolate factory, the Bellagio Gardens and other interesting destinations based on residents’ desire to go and their functional status. Outings at TLCSR are always accompanied by a caregiver who is familiar with all of the residents’ care needs, as well as, likes and dislikes and are able to provide the needed amount of support & supervision for each resident to enjoy the outing safely.

TLCSR is different from other Senior Care Settings, like Assisted Livings, that offer “unaccompanied” outings & activities where the resident must be able to be independent enough participate in the activity on their own. For example, get to the activity, get on the bus, manage their money, manage their time, know when to get back to the bus.  Large Assisted livings lack the staffing & coordination by management and owners to provide assistance for activities and outings.

TLCSR also provides “accompanied” transportation to medical appointments.  This is an added benefit, that other Senior Care settings do not offer.   This is a benefit not only to the resident but to residents’ families.  It is a big responsibility to have to manage and transport our loved ones to appointments. It is not always easy or practical.  Because all of the staff at TLCSR are medication certified our staff have firsthand knowledge about the medications and are able to share that with the doctor.  To our knowledge, other places provide a bus or driver who often lack any meaningful clinical knowledge about the resident.  TLCSR is able to relieve some of that added responsibility by transporting and staying with the patient during the appointment.  If families wish to go to the appointment, but have to work, we can arrange for the family to meet the residents and caregiver at the appointment saving time on transportation to and from the appointment bit allowing them to stay involved. This is a significant benefit.

We also know that residents do not always get and or give accurate information to their doctor or health provider, nor do they accurately relay instructions or orders from their doctor.  Having a caregiver who knows the resident, their medical problems, the medications they are taking, if they are taking their meds, if they are having pain, having memory or other issues helps bridge the gaps in communication and promote continuity & quality care.

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence (TLCSR) knows that finding a safe, affordable, family like setting that provides a high-quality care is hard to find.  TLCSR provides the highest quality care and service for the best value.