Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes are referred to as a Group Homes or Care Homes.   In general, they have a fewer number of residents (anywhere from 2- 10). The family style home provides a more personal setting which is what most seniors are familiar with.

The small setting lends itself to more personal interactions.  Interactions with other residents, caregivers and visitors come easily. A single-family home, is small enough to be personal but large enough to be a community.

In contrast, Assisted Livings can have up to 150 residents. Many residents stay in their apartments.  For that reason they may miss out on social interactions.

Who you get matters.  How many staff?  What is the training and ability of the staff?  Also, owners and managers & administrators?

Overall,  a Residential Care Home provides the best value.  Affordability & adaptability are important to consider.

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