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A Nursing Home is also known as a Skilled Nursing Facility or SNF. In the past, hey supplied 90% of all long-term care and only 10 % Acute care. In the the last few years-that ratio has changed. Today, approximately 60 % of beds are acute care rehabilitation and only 40% long term care. People with long-term, custodial care needs are having difficulty finding affordable options. Due to the shift to acute health care, nursing homes do more post-acute rehabilitation.

These articles explore the notion that nursing homes are bad places that no one would want to live in. The truth is nursing homes are a valuable part of the health care continuum and supply a great amount of care and service that no other place can do and at a relatively low cost. While many are quick to criticize nursing homes, they do provide a high level of care that other settings don’t. SNF’s are a great resource for individuals and family when needed. Share your stories so others can receive help from them too.

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Las Vegas Getting New Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility with its own shopping mall on the first floor.

My first thoughts when reading this article were that would be great for families who could enjoy the mall and entertainment of the Las Vegas …

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