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Category: Nursing Home

A Nursing Home  is also known as a Skilled Nursing Facility or SNF. In the past,  hey supplied 90% of all long-term care and only 10 % Acute care.  In the the last few years-that ratio has changed. Today, approximately 60 % of beds are acute care rehabilitation and only 40% long term care.  People with long-term, custodial care needs are having difficulty finding affordable options.  Due to the shift to acute health care, nursing homes  do more post-acute rehabilitation.

These articles explore the notion that nursing homes are bad places that no one would want to live in.  The truth is nursing homes are a valuable part of the health care continuum and supply a great amount of care and service that no other place can do and at a relatively low cost.  While many are quick to criticize nursing homes, they do provide a high level of care that other settings don’t.  SNF’s are a great resource for individuals and family when needed.  Share your stories so others can receive help from them too.