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Category: Geriatric Care

What is Geriatrics? Geriatrics is a sub-specialty.  Doctors can take added fellowship training to focus on special diseases. Geriatric Care studies issues related to the entire person. It looks at Medical, social & financial issues.

Geriatrics is a relatively new field, it is not well known. It started in the early 1990’s. Due to the Age Wave & Baby Boom, Geriatrics has grown.  As a result, the senior population is growing world wide.

Sadly, these diseases are not curable.  Treatment or change in lifestyle can help.  Hence, 86% of all health care dollars are spent on chronic care. Medical and non-medical therapies help improve function.  The aging process can be slowed, but not stopped. Therefore, Aging can be considered a chronic disease.

Dementia Residential Care Homes—A Positive Choice

A Home of Support An early analysis of dementia can come as a shock, and can be frightening for the individual as well as the concerned family. Getting to know about any ailment in advance is preferred by everyone, as the general course of the disease predicted by a specialist.

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Selecting a Proper Dementia Residential care Homes is Necessary

Dementia Patients Elderly people with dementia disease stay at a greater risk of abuse by those who are close to them. This is true whether these individuals live in an utmost caring environment or a proper residential setting. When their problems increase, they get dependent on their caregivers. This results

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