Caregiving is a daunting task. It can have negative effects, such as caregiver burn out. Caregiver support groups are a good source to share information & experiences with others

Having someone who can identify and empathize with you can be helpful. The TLCSR model of care, goes further and offers a tangible resource to help relieve some of the overwhelming burden placed on spouses or family caregivers, by providing the needed Geriatric Medical leadership, communication, coordination & continuity of care in a small family style, community setting for a good value compared to the lack of experience, training, coordination and continuity of care typically found with the extremely high costs of $18,000 dollars per month for in home care. The relief one feels from not being the sole caregiver allows the social interactions and visits to be more enjoyable for both the family caregiver and the impaired loved one.

Caregiving-caregiver burnout is on the rise. Baby boomers caring for their parents and spouses. Find affordable stress and cost savings ideas and choices here