ALF - Assisted Living Facility

Here we discuss current news, trends and related Assisted Living Facility topics. We help readers understand the wide range of meanings for Assisted Living Facilities. Independent living and 55 plus communities are for seniors who don’t need any help. Assisted Living and Residential Care Homes are for those who do need assistance.

While the label “Assisted Living” implies one can receive a lot of assistance, it is not always the case. They are more suited for seniors who are functional. People think Assisted Living facilities provide more care than they can. Staff ratios are relatively low. For instance, two to three caregivers for 100 residents. Ask what the staffing capabilities are of the facility. Also inquire about the costs. Will costs increase over time?

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence Costa Brava

Assisted Living Improved

Assisted living in Las Vegas is gaining in appeal as well as is seen as future of healthcare. Likewise, several families are choosing personal care solution in Las Vegas for senior.

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Sailing Ships Painting

Columbus Day 2017

Today is a time to consider our seniors assisted living facilities.  Reach out and connect with them.  Get in touch with our seniors.  Get in

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Assisted Living Suburbs

Demographics suggest that as people age, they tend to stay where they are. the move towards Assisted Living Suburbs is on the rise. Boomers might

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