Anti-Aging & Wellness

Anti-Aging & Wellness focus on improving health and function. Its never too late to make changes to one’s health and sense of well- being. For instance, Nitric Oxide and NADH are new therapies. Nobel Prize winning research shows these improve health for people of all age’s performance.
Anti-Aging & Wellness are not often thought of under the same umbrella as Geriatrics. Geriatrics training focuses ways to prevent aging and improve function & performance for people with and without disabilities. Geriatrics doctors perform functional analyses to evaluate a person’s cognitive and physical performance. Then suggest performance enhancing treatments and adaptive devices that best fit each individual need. For example, assessing one’s mobility and presenting interventions to assist a person to walk further, with less effort and pain. Improving endurance comes from many interventions like improving breathing, pain control, muscle function and emotional health.