Social distancing icons including face mask and hand sanitizerShort, scheduled, in-person visits, outside on our covered, fanned, patio for asymptomatic visitors, allows families and friends to visit their loved one while reducing the risks of COVID transmission. Due to our small size and high staff ratio, we are able to coordinate and implement effective strategies to mitigate the risk of exposure during visits. It is understandable that larger facilities may not have the staff and coordination to provide this type of visit. Each visitor is screened and for symptoms, travel history, and temperature, before each visit, and the visitation area is sanitized before and after each visit. Both residents and visitors must wear a mask, be separated by at least 6 feet, and properly sanitize hands before and after the visit. Visitors and or residents who are unable to follow these guidelines family or resident will not be able to visit in person but can utilize our virtual visits via FaceTime or Skype. No in-person visit is worth spreading the virus to those in our residential care homes facility.

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