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Doctor, VIP , Really??   What do misconceptions like this blog post tell us and how can we learn from them?

The statement.

“Elly’s Doctor sent us a letter recently describing the next step in his practice. He is going to focus on “Wellness”. How much more “wellness” does my Grandma need? This is what flew around in my head! She only goes once a year to this doctor which is the agreement I made with him last summer  :)Smile            So, there is a program called MDVIP that doctors can apply to which helps them reduce their practice. Now that this Primary Care Doctor has been accepted into the VIP Program, he is asking his patients who want to stay with him to pay a $1650 annual Membership fee and it’s first come, first served as there is a limit to how many patients he will accept!”


My reaction to this comment  is if you have a smile, or smiley face, and only want to see the doctor once a year, or you somehow can think there is nothing else a doctor could do for a 92 yr old even if just to make her smile on a visit then you are probably correct to save your money and go with any doctor or just use the ER doctor when needed.

If you look at the EOB, Estimate of Benefits, from Medicare and the doctor is paid $100 dollars and that covers all of the care until the next yearly visit, all refills, storing the chart, upgrading to the electronic records and any calls, faxes etc in-between you must have missed life 101.  You can’t live or run a business on $100 / year per patient.

I am willing to share many ideas on this topic of choosing a doctor and what is “your doctor” but I want the readers to give us some comments first on these questions?

What do you “need” or want in a pcp?

What makes the doctor “Your Doctor”?   What makes someone your friend, brother, spouse?  At a lower level your accountant, lawyer, or doctor?  Would it be better to have a brother as your lawyer?  How much better can you imagine that might be?

Is choosing the insurance really choosing care or the doctor?

Are knowledge and skills the only things you need from a doctor or any service provider?

What is the value of social connectivity in getting more in-kind services and in adjusting the flexible definition of “needed” more toward your definition and away from the insurance company or government’s definition?


How can you show you value your doctor and care team?

What might a friend, family member, do for you that a stranger would not do?  What could a doctor who was socially more connected to you do for you when interacting on your behalf with the opposition who in this case is the hospital, insurance company or a growingly disjointed health care system?

One final thought. What is your life and quality of life worth? 

Please comment and start the discussion.  I am ready to continue but need some audience participation to join me. 


Here are some educational page links to help you understand the Residential Care Home Choices when faced with caring for an aged parent or family member.



Educational video links

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Assisted Living and Residential Care Home Video Tour.


Assisted Living and Residential Care Home Testimonial



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