Slogan, "Golden Rule" with handsThe first and most important thing to remember is what we call our Golden Rule: Meet as many of the people who will be providing the actual day to day care as possible.
That’s right…. it is so important to meet the actual people who will be responsible for the care or assistance given, that includes the Administrator, Owner, Caregivers, Med techs, Doctors, Nurses, Kitchen staff and Cleaning staff etc. It is the people and staff that matter the most since they provide the services you get. The physical setting of the building is also something to consider, but the main focus should be on the people. It may sound overwhelming to ask to meet and speak to all these people, but if the facility makes it easy for you to meet and interact them in the beginning, then there is a very good chance you and your loved one will be able to have access to these people as time goes on. On the other hand, if it is difficult for the facility to coordinate between themselves and make themselves available to you from the first day, then that may be a good indicator that you and your loved one will continue to have a hard time finding people and getting things done when you really need them. Many facilities focus on their marketing and sales by focusing on all the luxury items, private rooms with private baths, hair salons, pools etc., but may say very little about what we believe you really need, want or desire… which is care, caring and continuity of care.
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Dr Shawn McGivney

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