Malpractice suits GUARENTEE you will be hurt!

Malpractice Guarantee's You Will Be Hurt

You get hurt textI came across a very misleading article in Forbes.

10 Things you want to know about medical malpractice.


Malpractice suits GUARENTEE you will be hurt!

This is written by lawyers who want you to sue.  Their advice builds a law suit during care. That is absolutely not the way to get the best care. That is a way to guarantee you get less care, age faster, are less well, but are more likely to get paid for your resulting lifelong disability that will result.



Services are provided by people.  Value people the care team and doctor to get the best care and value

Services Provided text blockBuild a relationship with your care team.  That gets you better care and saves you money.

Value the doctor as a friend.  That builds in many in-kind, multi-generational benefits.

Work with your social systems and community to support local doctors who are community and  like minded and express a willingness to assume the old fashioned role of trusted, community, minded doctors instead of salaries, shift workers.


Lawyers do not care text blockForget the lawyer, Invest in the doctor or care team; make sure the doctor/care team are your friend!

You choose the doctor, the Senior Care Setting, and you ultimately have to live with the results.

Sure you can sell your health, ie accept the doctor, insurance, or care setting that gives you a new doctor every few visits or you can invest in one doctor that you know, your friends know, and your community also supports to help him remain in private practice and off of the salary support of various institutions.

build relationships text block


Each person is partly to blame for their own lives and choices.  Choosing your care team and doctor are your choice.
Choosing the insurance is not choosing the doctor.  If you choose the insurance you are choosing the doctor but very indirectly and not in any meaningful way.  You don’t choose your wife, friends, or business partners that way.  You choose based on mutual respect, trust, long track record of behaviors, going out of your way for each other, etc.  If you value your doctor and accept seeing a different person every two days or two visits then each of those people or doctors will expect the same, only to see you twice.

Health Care Services Matter text blockJust ask yourself how much do you trust a stranger who someone else assigns to your case and who you do not expect to see again and in turn that specialists or staffer does not expect to see you again?

Food for thought.  – “Needed” had a very broad definition.

I hope you all start to see it is who you are getting in health care or any service industry that matters most.   After you find a person you trust and who wants to trust you then you can discuss the many forms of compensation.  Indeed, trust and enjoying helping each other is a dollar free benefit both people get which is why that is the only cost effective way to get more care, better care, as an individual, community or society.

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Dr Shawn McGivney

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