Save money on Dementia Care-Value The Caregivers!

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Value the individual members of the Dementia Care Team more than Pills


Why do writers generally under value Dementia Care caregivers, social and behavioral treatments when listing Dementia Treatments.?  Most of the time they list the pills and just gloss over get the care by saying “get home care”.   All home care is not the same even if it costs the same. People vary a lot in many socially and emotionally important ways.  Relationships have many sides– the customer, Customers Family and Social System, the individual caregivers, and the entire care team.

Value People and you will get the best, most cost effective, care by getting many in-kind less tangible to the researcher’s studies things.  Love, Compassion, Continuity of care, reliability, sacrifice, are relationship words that have value and should be valued.

Both sides need to value the other, it is a two way street.

Mayo Clinic Blog

Here is a shout out from the mayo clinic blog to thank those caregivers who are the treatment.

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Dr McGivney’s Thoughts

Find the best, most socially skilled caregiver team you can, the most continuity of care, to get the best care in life.

Family offers a lot of continuity of care.  We value them and get a lot in return emotionally and socially if not financially.  Even if you do not use the family social system today, there is a big value we get by knowing we have that back up a social system provides us.  Remember those issues when you are sick and looking for “help”, medically or financially, for “home care”, Assisted Living care or Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, or Memory Care.

Value the caregivers, mothers, friends, and paid caregivers.  Value continuity of care and you will get a lot more than you pay for in dollar terms. That is how you get value in health and Dementia Care.

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By Dr Shawn McGivney

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