Residential Care Homes (RCHs)

Seniors in a residential care home assessment meeting

Residential Care Homes (RCHs)


Residential Care Homes are the best value, offer inclusive pricing which includes, private and shared rooms, personal care assistance, 24hr care when needed, medication management and transportation to appointments and accompanied outings. The monthly rates do not tend fluctuate when care needs increase compared to other care options.Prices range from $1,500/mo to $5,000/mo including all care and services

Choosing the right residential care home for family member is not something that we like to think about until necessary. However, with people living longer than ever before, it is something we will have to do.  With the myriad of choices it is a complex choice.  Moreover, it occurs at a hard time in most families lives.

The good news is that when broken down, you can see that there are numerous  types of homes available.  Each home presenting a variety of supports depending on the requirements of the individual.  Some homes offer several types of support in the similar location providing a solution for the changing requirements of an aging population. Homes with this kind of facility offer peace of mind to the people knowing they will not have to relocate to another care home when their needs change.

What Are Residential Care Homes?

Residential care lets an individual who has no need for further nursing support to live within a residential home setting. Suitable for people who are capable of looking after themselves with the option of added support with dressing and washing being offered when required. Residential care is a long-term preference but can also be taken into consideration for short-term respite relief.

When illness arises, the necessity for a higher level of support is essential. For those that need nursing help on a regular basis, nursing homes can provide 24-hour support. Nursing homes have a higher proportion of nursing staff and equipment than residential homes, proposing a greater level of care.

Certain Illnesses Necessitate Specialty Care

Specialized Residential Care homes with special endorsements like the Dementia Endorsement are often good substitutes for nursing homes. These Dementia Endorsed Residential Care Homes deal with requirements of patients with a particular condition.  Often times they offer both physical and mental assistance.   

As an illness progresses Palliative care could also be offered allowing the senior to age in place.  Thus, the last days of their lives could be spent at home in their dementia residential care home setting without the necessity for relocation to a hospital or hospice. On the whole, residential care homes can be of great help for you as well as your family.

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