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 Dealing with maturing parents is expensive and can cost $20,000-$40,000 $/ yr and many times is socially difficult for the entire household.

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Find out:

What alternatives there are to all care choices

including Assisted Living, Residential Care Homes, Home Care, Hospice Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Memory Care, and Retirement Communities?

Find out how all of these care settings actually offer the same thing – Senior Care!  Learn how sub specializing in health care can have large costs in emotional health, continuity of care and the caring felt between and among patient, family, and all members of the care team.

Get practical, non-sales, information about each so you can better start to compare what you get, what you don’t get and at what prices.

Learn the single most important rule in choosing any senior care setting. 

No matter what the brochure, sales staff, or add says you need to meet the individuals in the entire care team to know who you are getting to know what you are getting.  Second, only by knowing who you are getting can you begin to compare prices and value.

Learn the most common mistakes in choosing Elder Care.

The most common mistake is to focus on the amenities and nice furniture and to undervalue the individuals, the care givers and care team, who will do the direct care and problem solving when it occurs.

The second most common mistake is to forget that if you need a little assistance today you will most likely need more assistance in the future.  In that case, most people forget to investigate the care team’s abilty to adapt and provide more care as you age.  In many cases forgetting to check that out will result in your being either forced out because the care setting can’t do the needed extra work when you need it or priced out when they raise the price for that extra care.  Indeed, some places charge 300 / day for a private duty care giver in an Assisted Living setting.  That is an extra $9,000 / mo. on top of the basic rate for room and board.

Reading this resource will help everyone get more care, better care, and save money when they need any amount of assistance with living. 
Check out these fantastic Residential Care alternatives to the less personal Assisted Living,  Nursing Home Rehab, and Home Care. 

Residential care, Assisted Living, Home Care, Hospice Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Memory Care and Nursing Homes all offer custodial care but what varies is the care team you choose when you choose any care setting.  Who is doing the day to day training, supervision, and support and  hands-on management and who is doing the custodial care?   Look for the care team to get the best Assisted Living, Residential Care, Home Care, Retirement Community, Hospice Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Memory Care in any care setting.  Look beyond the setting label and find out who you are getting before you buy.

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