Obama Care and Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities.

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How will Obama care and the disjointed care system that is the hospitalists not knowing your doctor, not calling your doctor, and communicating with the “chart” as if that was an all telling chart will likely continue as impediments to care in Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities until all parties, patients, doctor, society, and the government payers re value what health care is and how to value the relationship and duty of a primary care doctor.

The new direction and better changes are to value the relationship among and between one doctor and patient and to pay for, nurture that relationship especially for those who are older and have pre existing conditions. Society needs to wake up because they too will be at least old and needing chronic care services on day too.

The Los Angeles Times reports

” “Maria Berumen, a tax preparer in Downey, was uninsured for years because of preexisting conditions. The 53-year-old was thrilled to find coverage for herself and her husband for $148 a month after qualifying for a big government subsidy.

She jumped at the chance in early January to visit a primary-care doctor for long-running numbness in her arm and shoulder as a result of bone spurs on her spine. The doctor referred her to a specialist, and problems ensued. At least four doctors wouldn’t accept her health plan — even though the state exchange website and her insurer, Health Net Inc., list them as part of her HMO network.

“It’s a phantom network,” Berumen said.” ”

 What is the problem with care and what is the solution?

Society and Residential Care Homes and all that are involved with caring for the chronically ill and those with “preexisting” conditions at any age will have to finally understand that medicine is not an a-la-cart product but a service that REQUIRES AN ONGOING, MUTUALLY APPRECIATED RELATIONSHIP between / among Doctor, Patient and those needy members of society and the payment for that responsibility and duty.  Instead, the system as morphed based on all economic incentives to a disjointed, less relationship and duty driver system, to what we have now.  Indeed, this is not new, this is not only due to Obama Care but has been coming and evolving for decades.  Now the HMO and hospitalists are pretty close to “phantoms” when it comes to being responsible to deal with the outcomes of their advice day, weeks, and years after thy see you for that short in hospital hospitalist stay.  We all should want to use the same doctor for extended time frames and to pay for, value and nurture that relationship instead of allowing the government, the insurer to decide on who are doctor is practically speaking.

Only by re-visiting continuity of care and paying for primary care as THE MOST VALUED PART OF MEDICAL CARE will this evolving medical and social/financial crises be addressed.


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