Las Vegas Getting New Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility with its own shopping mall on the first floor.

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My first thoughts when reading this article were that would be great for families who could enjoy the mall and entertainment of the Las Vegas strip while visiting their loved one but then I thought the frail seniors might not get the same benefit if the families spent most of their time shopping and less of their time with the seniors.  While this is an exciting project I just wonder if the exciting mall and casino’s will at some level lead to less family and personal contact with the seniors who are in these Assisted Living and Nursing Home beds?  There is no easy answer and we need choices in Senior Care.  If the mall on the first floor is not for you there are many choices in Senior Care including ones that offer a family style of care instead of the business model of care with the mall on the first floor. Secondly, in all cases people provide the care in any care setting and you need to meet the individuals in the care team to know who you are getting. Advertising is just not detailed enough to begin to know who you are getting as the managers and caregivers and what relationships you can hope to develop in this last chapter of life.

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Public subsidy to bring skilled nursing, assisted living center downtown

Las Vegas strip just upgraded with a new high end, 150 bed nursing home, 140 Assisted Living Beds, and a new first floor mall.  This should help the many wealthy gamblers have a place to put mom close to the strip so there is easy access to the local entertainment for the family.

Will this help the poor long term care patients or is this targeted for the private pay nursing home and assisted living crowed and possibly the short term rehab that medicare pays so well for?

The article did not say if they would take Long term stay Medicaid  patients as opposed to private pay nursing home patients,  or what percentage of long stay, long term care, Medicaid patients they expected to care for in the facility.  The article implies that they will offer physical, occupational and speech therapy among other rehabilitation.  They did not clarify if that mean this will be preferentially for short term rehab only or mainly which in general are the high pay Medicare days and not for the low pay, long term, days Medicaid traditionally pays for.  That will be interesting to find out when we all learn more about how this will impact the long term care for the frail seniors of Nevada.

I know this distinction of Medicaid long term days and short term Medicare rehab days will be new form many but it is something you will quickly learn when any loved one starts to need assistance.  Also this is a distinction many find after they have spent down all of their savings and now get medicaid.  How medicaid and medicare work together is something you should discuss with your doctor who in effect uses these resources for you or on your behalf for you.   Here is the direct quote from the lvrj

“Saltzman said the skilled nursing center will be six or seven stories, with about 150 beds, and offer physical, occupational and speech therapy among other rehabilitation. The assisted living center will be eight stories, with about 140 units, and the parking garage will be five or six stories with 464 spaces, he said.”

This should be good from the sales space addition in that we will get more mall sales jobs and for the Assisted living and Nursing home sections we will get more jobs for those places.  We are happy that the investors could get that discount from 5-11 million which was the quoted value of the land in the article for 3.5 million for 3.3 acres in down two Las Vegas.  I hope the other tax revenues they note will pan out as well for Nevadans.

For those looking for new care alternatives that focus on the care and family style care we suggest you check out these care alternatives.

Fantastic alternatives to the Assisted Living and Nursing Home Rehab.  This is a family style care option to compare to more of the same nursing home rehab and Assisted Living.  If you look at the staff, staffing systems instead of the mall on the first floor the care you get are likely to be different.

These care settings offer custodial care but with day to day training, supervision, and support of a hands-on management with decades of medical and custodial care experience. Look for the care team to get the best Assisted Living, Residential Care, Home Care, Retirement Community, Hospice Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Memory Care in any care setting.  Look beyond the setting label and find out who you are getting before you buy.

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