Continuity of Care – power point presentation 08 06 12 must read.

Continuity of care (08 06 12)

I just read a good power point pdf by Dr James Birch MD, MSPH and wanted to share it with all of you.

It is a 60 page power point slide presentation and reads just like you are turning pages.

He has many great statistics to confirm that continuity of care improves out comes especially for seniors with many complex medical issues.

As Senior Care advocate those reading this blog will be part of the plan to remedy the loss of continuity of care seen in the doctor related medical community.  Indeed, much of the continuity of care that use to be done by the residents doctor now falls to Administrators, care givers and those providing protective supervision to residents who need varied amounts of “assistance”.    Care setting directors need to maintain close contact with the wide range of sub specialized medical providers to ensure that medical information and orders are carried out on behalf of the residents they are providing protective supervision to.  Indeed, the PCP,  might not know what the sub specialist said or ordered on the residents last visit,  so we need to remain in contact with all medical providers on behalf of those we provide protective supervision to.

Finding, care settings that have a higher level of administrator and owner continuity of care can be a way families help bridge the growing loss in continuity of care seen within the health care system in general.  We would like to work with providers to help build a directory that lists care settings and includes continuity of care with administrators, owners, other professionals, caregivers and others.   Some of the variables we might compare are Administrator / resident ratio, hours of direct resident contact each month with the administrator or owner, consistency of staff providing care to any individual resident and other variables bloggers might suggest.  We want to help people see the value of continuity of care that Dr James Birch MD, MSPH illustrated in his presentation.

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