Caring for those who may have cared less for us!


This article presents a very difficult and probably common situation for adult care givers of parents who were abusive or even perceived to be less supportive of the kids by the kids themselves as caregivers when they were growing up.

A Risk in Caring for Abusive Parents

Paula Span of the NYT.

While this article addresses the worse or highest risk group of caregivers who were abused by the parent they are now faced with caring for this is the tip of a much bigger social iceberg.

Relationships take a life time to develop and to earn the trust, respect and commitment of others and that is the lesson I want to share for all care givers, doctors, nurses, and case workers who work with the chronically ill and the care giving teams who care for them.  All members of that team need to be aware of the feelings and emotional needs of the other groups.



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