Big Business First to Benefit From Obama Care

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Who knew –a four way win. 

Big Business, Part time and uninsured American’s, Hospitals and Doctors and Society all win!

Original post from Sept. 2013

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Winner 1-Businesses save on benefits and workers comp.

 Home Depot is using Obama care to get care for their part-time workers and saving millions in the process

Winner 2 -The part-time and uninsured workers get care and care that can stay with them

even if they have several part-time jobs and move around.  That is essential in the process of health care to see the same care team who can know you, your social system, and emotional health better than any new doctor or care team even if they have your old chart on the first visit; first, visits are first visits with or without a chart.  Yes, first visit with a chart is better than nothing but is that really the comparison we want to make?

Winner 3- Hospitals and Doctors benefit from not having to “eat” or write off the many uninsured, no pay claims, they get. 

Winner 4– Society benefits in we can say we are really doing something for the 80% of Americans who work, make less than $20 / hr and support their fantastic families.  If we as a society can’t care enough to do a little like helping families and the people who do the work the rest of us “Administrator types”, “Managers”, and higher earners should be ashamed. 

Also note, the first big benefit is to save businesses millions and keep their work forces healthy on the government costs.  Health care and workers comp expenses should decline and business profits should continue to rise.  Of note, Home Depot Stock rose 1.5 % today as Home Depot announced taking advantage of Obama care to cuts its costs and boost profits. Read more from Bloomberg News about how Home Depot is taking advantage of Obama Care and the Affordable care act!  Home Depot is moving 20, 000 part time employees off of their benefits and onto Affordable Care. Better for home depot workers to have a consistent helath care that stays with them in any job and BETTER FOR HOME DEPOT to save money on benefits.  Win-win.  Oh, also better for society to ensure hospitals and doctors get paid instead of relying on hospitals and doctors to “eat” the many no pay claims from uninsured people.    

How does this affect seniors?

All seniors have extended families and those families need to be healthy to help the seniors who came before them and this is a small step to providing that care.  Caregivers low paid, in families, senior family members who assume child care or senior care responsibilities are valuable to society’s function and building families and this helps them. The main benefit in my view to Obama-care is not preexisting coverage or covering the few who never had coverage but helping the many who have coverage to be sure they can have continuity of care and coverage.  If your insurance changes often you lose the most cost effective part of care, staying with one doctor for a long time. If you can’t do that the many in kind services that having a long standing doctor patient relationship provide will be lost and unnecessary duplicative services will continue.  Of course, I am happy to cover all too but I feel the benefits to all current insurance holders, hospitals, doctors, big businesses are undervalued and described.

 Value Continuity of Care and not continuity of your chart.

I have to say the effort to build a chart is VERY MISLEADING! DO NOT LET ANYONE SAY OR IMPLY YOU ARE YOUR CHART. Caring for the chart is not providing complete medical care or continuity of care.  Continuity of the chart is not continuity of care, the care team, individuals involved in the care.  Without continuity of the people, patients and care team, care, caring, and quality of care suffers.  You, society, get less value for their health care dollars.  Strive to know your doctor, value your doctor, and build a relationship as small local communities or groups with your doctor to get the best care and most cost effective care. A new doctor visit with any new doctor is not as good by far as seeing a doctor who knows you and whom you know.  Even if a “new” doctor has your chart that is a far cry from seeing the same doctor.  The chart is a very incomplete, partial, representative of who any of us are as individuals and people.  While it is a great way to reach the minimum legal standard of care for the system do not accept the minimum legal standard of care for you and your loved ones.  Value the doctor, one or a small group of doctors, in your community.  Please consider how you trust any new person and then how they trust you?  Trust is earned and is not reflected in the chart. Obama care is a small step in that direction for continuity of care.

Shawn McGivney

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