What is Dementia?

Dementia Symptoms

Dementia Explained There are numerous symptoms associated with dementia such as memory loss, personality change, and impaired brain faculties. These unusual changes may sometime be part and parcel of aging, but not always. Hence, it is advisable to take proper care of your dear ones when they grow old and know the signs and symptoms […]

Covid 19 & Alzheimers Dementia Care


Ways to balance quality of life while combating COVID 19 With all the daily news about the ongoing spread of COVID 19, it can seem overwhelming and hopeless. While it can feel like a daunting task to manage, we at TLCSR are up for the challenge and we have been successful thus far. We believe […]

Assisted Living Covid-19 Impact Activities of Daily Living for Seniors

Change vs Crisis road sign

Banning visitors from senior care centers increases anxiety through isolation. Stay connected through video calls, phone calls, postcards or even a letter. Free video calls with Google Hangouts, Skype, and others will go a long way towards elevating your loved one’s mood. How Coronavirus (Covid-19) affects ADL’s, IADL’s and cost-effective healthcare solutions Activities of Daily […]

Senior Care Crisis

senior care crisis revolving door

The nursing home news article “gold coast nursing home residents in limbo, claims wages unpaid for a month” shows some of the difficulties the WORLD will be forced to deal with. While this article describes failed business and care practices it is a reflection of a bigger problem.  That problem extends beyond senior care to […]

Beyond Respite Care

respite care man with a headache

Going beyond Respite care.  Respite care is care that another person provides to relieve a family care giver.   It is intended to allow that family caregiver to rest, go out and shop.  It also allows them to recharge their batteries. Care giving is a full-time job.  It requires the caregiver facilitates physical, emotional and social […]

Assisted Living Improved

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence Costa Brava

Assisted Living Improved is what TLCSR is all about. With the adjustment in the economy, the face of senior care also changes. In future, Assisted Living might have a new face completely.   It might not come as a shock that assisted living housing choices will certainly change  in reaction to socioeconomic problems. The rise in […]

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Activities of Daily Living for Seniors

ADL’s are the need for assistance with a physical or cognitive task. Insurance companies use ADL’s to defining the terms to qualify for benefits.  Therefore, it is crucial for payment of your insurance benefits that your doctor understands the use of ADL’s.  The doctor must put those terms in your record. ASLs vs IADLs   […]

How 2018 Became a Landmark Year for Big Tech’s Pursuit of Senior Living Dollars

Tech’s pursuit of Senior Living Dollars: Tech giants are waging a massive smart tech arms race and seniors are a prime target. Big Tech Senior care purchases In 2018  Amazon , Best Buy, and  Google Tech’s pursuit of Senior Living Dollars made moves to  capture the smart tech senior dollar. Their respective strategies revolve around […]

Dementia Care

Dementia Care Graphic

Dementia care is a very complex service to find. Many initially focus on the need for a private room or the food.  However, they also need to consider emotional and behavioral care needs.  Indeed, it is the emotional and behavioral health care needs that make the Individual with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease feel fulfilled. Behavioral […]

Columbus Day 2017

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Today is a time to consider our seniors assisted living facilities.  Reach out and connect with them.  Get in touch with our seniors.  Get in touch friends and family.  Let them recognize you’re considering them. At TLC our team emphasize the huge perk of being a relied-on support person along with friends to be a […]

Veteran Senior Assisted Living Facilities

veteran senior assisted living facilities, salute

Veteran senior assisted living facilities and families represent values of community, team and family. Please, take a second to reflect on the special gifts our senior veterans offer our team on a daily basis. Beyond freedom the military educates  the multi-generational household on family values. As our company goes through day to day life each […]

Assisted Living Suburbs

Demographics suggest that as people age, they tend to stay where they are. the move towards Assisted Living Suburbs is on the rise. Boomers might have moved into the city for a while to feel their oats, go to college or sample the nightlife. But typically, they moved back to the suburbs when they had […]

3 Myths about Senior Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facility seniors in living room conversation

Senior assisted living communities empower people to sustain the independence they have come to love while providing convenient access to support, activities, and companionship. Communities work pretty hard to make sure that seniors feel right at home. In spite of the significant benefits of community living, making a choice to move is a tough one […]

Get the Right Senior Housing Care-Las Vegas

Senior Housing Assisted Living Facilities,ALFs seniors chatting in the living room

Senior housing care in Las Vegas is a major issue amongst people because most of the people look for the very best housing amenities for their loved ones. The aging course is certainly a tough one. Adults may lose their liveliness and possibly turn out to be infirm. However, it can also be a time […]

Why People Are Going For Retirement Communities in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a beautiful city located in the state of Nevada. People consider it as a favorable city to enjoy their vacations. Las Vegas is also well-thought-out place for a good home for active adult and retirement communities. Most of the retired people consider settling in Las Vegas. The retirement communities for senior citizens […]

Home Health Care – A Good Option to Access Professional Health Care Services

The saying goes “Life is a one-time offer, use it well!” So enjoy every moment and get the best out of it. You deserve to be happy! Stop thinking about the advancing age because nothing is permanent whether it is about success, failures, or health related problems! The elderly are our pillars and we get […]

Getting a Better Idea on Residential Care Homes

Choosing the right residential care home for family member is not something that we like to think about until necessary. However, with people living longer than ever before, it is something we will have to do.  With the myriad of choices it is a complex choice.  Moreover, it occurs at a hard time in most […]

Getting The Right Alzheimer’s And Dementia Residential Care

Getting older is a scary thing in today’s time, and most of us live in denial about the after effects of aging. This is right not only for us but our family members as well. The fact is that most of the people ignore signs of memory loss, for the reason that they don’t want […]

Three Things to Know About Adult Day Care

Adult day care caregiver with reassuring hand on seniors shoulder

Things to Know About Adult Day Care Adult Day Care is when a family takes a loved one with care needs to a day center so the family can get a respite from being the caregiver. These services offer more activities and companionship but generally offer less in coordination of care, complex supervision of the […]

Consider Residential Care Homes over Retirement Communities in Las Vegas

No need to be surprised with the title of this post as it will make things clear that how in some context choosing residential care gives an advantage over retirement communities. Both residential care homes and retirement communities are viable options that help you raise the quality of the life of your loved ones. You […]

Getting a Better Idea on Home Health Care

Home health care is an ideal option for those who want their loved ones get treated and cared at home. Various cases demand in-home care especially when a patient is not in a situation to move to a hospital. Reasons behind it may include severe health and concerns like safety and comfort. No need to […]

Retirement Communities: The Best Choice for Senior’s to Live

What Retirement Homes Offer Retirement home locations today are increasingly offering a large number of amenities. As more people observe the advantages of making a move in such communities, they can expect of having years to enjoy and socialize with recreational activities. These homes are attractive as they offer freedom from the responsibilities of home […]

Group Home for Living Actively with Benefits

Senior couple walking their dog over park bridge

Senior citizens today are expected to make up a higher percentage of those living in a group home in Las Vegas. A group home for living actively is also called a senior living home/residential care home and is a community-based care setting in a residential home that allows senior citizens to live together under the […]

Dementia Residential Care Homes—A Positive Choice

A Home of Support An early analysis of dementia can come as a shock, and can be frightening for the individual as well as the concerned family. Getting to know about any ailment in advance is preferred by everyone, as the general course of the disease predicted by a specialist. By this, there will be […]

Picking a Long Term Residential care home for Elderly Members

seniors with caregiver in garden

Insight to Residential Care Model With a good scale and long-term care facilities—residential care is run by individuals or organizations, which are often situated in traditional houses in residential neighborhoods. The key factor is that they are remarkably similar to home. There is much fear about having to move into a nursing home. However, the […]

Assisted Living Supports Healthy Living Style for Seniors

An Overview Today’s world has significantly changed. The busy schedule of today’s family life and work, people somehow lack to reach each other through any mode. Due to this reason, instead of giving elders the appreciation and respect they deserve, many of us disrespect them. In such conditions, the assisted living in Las Vegas supports […]

Selecting a Proper Dementia Residential care Homes is Necessary

Dementia Patients Elderly people with dementia disease stay at a greater risk of abuse by those who are close to them. This is true whether these individuals live in an utmost caring environment or a proper residential setting. When their problems increase, they get dependent on their caregivers. This results in communication challenges between them […]

How Alzheimer’s Care Facility Can Help To Connect with Alzheimer Patients

Here are few ways that a care home can use to create meaningful connections with its Alzheimer resident: Be Present Just a smile or holding hands can be an act of kindness for the Alzheimer patient. It isn’t necessary to fill the empty gap with words. Simple act of care from the staff of care […]

The Future of Assisted Living

With the change in the economy, the realities of senior care also change. In future, assisted living may have a new face altogether, and we may witness a change in the housing trends. It may not come as a surprise that senior and assisted living options will change in response to socioeconomic conditions. The rise […]