You Define Assisted Living 08 09 12

You Define Assisted Living 08 09 12

We all need to be alert to using a very descriptive way to define words which are general and ill defined to avoid having unmet expectations after we pay for what we consider “Assisted” living services.  Indeed, you may get far less Assistance than you, in your own mind, define as included in what you are paying.    How much service, when with what amount and type of notice, from whom, and with what degree of familiarity, overlap and continuity of care need to be considered.  All “assistance” is not equal when you look a little bit beyond the initial general definition many different vendors of “Assistance” might use.

Assistance varies with each person you meet who is providing the Assistance.  You need to meet all the members of the care team from the owner, administrator, Caregivers, Medication Techs, and all care persons.  They are the ones who provide the care.  Do not listen more than you should to promises or claims of a sales lady, brochure or web site.  In the end you need to meet the individuals who provide the care to know what you are getting.

All of the care settings have the same function even if they choose to define it differently- They offer Personal Assistance and that assistance will be individual and vary person to person.  What is common is that each individual will do best, get the best feeling about the care they receive if they have continuity of care from all people involved in that care.  That applies to Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care Homes, Hospitals, Senior Care, Home Care, Hospice Care, Elder Care, Respite Care and any other variation of Care or Assistance you want to pick.

Continuity of Care is the real Six Sigma Standard for Care and Caring and Quality of care.  Care is very similar in all care settings, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Senior Living, Residential Care Home, Home Care, Hospice, Respite Care, Elder Care — The care comes from people.  The management comes from “The Doctor”.  While many middle men will assume a management role they will always say the Doctor decided.  However, without continuity of Care from the Doctor, the doctor knowing the caregiver by name, the middle people by name, and the patient and family it is hard to see who is in control clinically.  Of course the money is always easy to follow.  Do not confuse continuity of the money with continuity of care.  If you really want value for your private pay dollars look for continuity of care and the private pay dollar.  To get value and care you need both.

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