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Dementia care is a very complex service to find. Many initially focus on the need for a private room or the food.  However, they also need to consider emotional and behavioral care needs.  Indeed, it is the emotional and behavioral health care needs that make the Individual with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease feel fulfilled.

Behavioral Therapy

These are skills an individual care giver develops over a long time. They include include interpersonal skills combined with patience and an understanding of  overlapping process that affect a person with Dementia.  They require  broad-based training for the many overlapping mental health issues that accompany the primary Dementia.

When a Dementia patient lacks insight and judgement it is difficult to reason with them.  Therefore, education and reasoning have a reduced effect.  Often the memory loss is accompanied by mild forms of paranoia and delusions. Those are often worsened with attempts to reason with a person who has Alzheimer’s Disease.  Therefore, a trained caregiver needs to recognize the many forms of the illnesses and various behavioral issue that result.

Redirection is a common  Behavioral Therapy

When a person with Memory loss and Behavioral disorders is confronted with facts they often get even more agitated.  That is a time when the caregiver needs to step back and try to calm them. They need to let the patient be right and try to diffuse the situation by re directing them to another topic that is not triggering this exaggerated behavior.  This is not easy and is an art.  It takes decades of training and a lot of patience to pull off.  When the caregiver is executing this therapy, they do so with a calm voice in a slow comforting cadence.   The caregivers are the therapy.

Well trained caregivers are the therapy

While doctors often reach for more pills and anti-psychotic medications they often do so because the various care settings lack caregivers with advanced Dementia Training. Behavioral therapy is easy to say but practically very difficult to do.  While many families look for private rooms, nice lobby, they often times don’t take time to meet those caregivers who are the therapy.   We suggest families make time to meet the individual caregivers who they are indirectly hiring when they move into any Memory care setting.

Management with medical & professional Dementia treatment experience raises the standards for the staff they hire

Many are surprised that administrators of Memory Care Units are not required to have any professional medical Dementia Treatment experience. They many have more administrative training which leaves a void in any added training they can provide their staff.  Management having Alzheimer’s treatment and behavioral management training is a value-added service.  Indeed, we suggest families  look for that before making this difficult and expensive care choice.

When a loved one needs more Dementia Care than the family can provide at home  you want to look for the best trained and experienced caregivers and management in any Alzheimer’s Dementia Facility.   Make time to meet the individuals who you are hiring when you choose any Alzheimer’s Dementia Care or Memory Care Facility.

Choosing the right care setting is difficult.

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