Fundamentals of Dementia Care: Part 1

Human beings are mortals and go through various crucial stages of life. Some are extremely distressing and others not so much. As we age, several changes start taking place in our lives including serious problems such as memory loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer, among others. Such diagnosis can be frightening for you as well as your dear ones. Although, there is no escape from old age, educating yourself can help you make important decisions early, making you feel more under control. In this article, we will focus on fundamentals of dementia to help you understand and deal with it better. The more you become aware of the issue, the higher are your chances of preserving your or your dear one’s sense of control.


Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

There are numerous symptoms associated with dementia such as memory loss, personality change, and impaired brain faculties. These unusual changes may sometime be part and parcel of aging, but not always. Hence, it is advisable to take proper care of your dear ones when they grow old and know the signs and symptoms of dementia well in advance so that you can take the right measure and at the right time. Some of the common symptoms of dementia include:

    • Memory impairment (loss)
    • Unsound judgment
    • Difficulties with abstract thinking
    • Loss of communication ability
    • Disorientation in gait, motor, and balance problems
    • Periodic hallucinations, agitation, anxiety
    • Carelessness and negligence of personal care and safety

The progression and effect of dementia vary from individual to individual, but the disease is largely determined by the type of dementia and the part of brain that is affected from the disease. Due to advanced medical facilities, diagnosing the disease has now become possible through various proven clinical examinations. Dealing with a patient suffering from dementia is a challenging task. To help you cope with the challenge numerous dementia residential care homes are present in Las Vegas today that have medical facility, caretakers and spacious care centers located at green and natural surroundings. While finalizing, select the one that is equipped with required dementia care facilities and is certified by an authorized government agency.

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