Fundamentals of Dementia Care: Part 2

This post is a second part of our previous post Fundamentals of Dementia Care: Part 1.

When you notice dementia symptoms in your dear one, it is important to seek medical attention. Timely intervention can help you eliminate certain symptoms. Below are a few comparisons between memory changes of dementia patients to normal memory changes due to old age that will help you understand the disease well.

Symptoms of Dementia As Compared To Normal Memory Changes
Comparison 1

An individual suffering from dementia may complain of memory loss, only if asked but will be unable to recall specific instances, where as a person with normal memory changes will be able to provide detailed examples of forgetfulness.

Comparison 2:

Individual showing symptoms of dementia gets lost in familiar places where as the one with normal memory changes may have to pause for a moment but won’t get lost in familiar places.

Comparison 3:

An individual suffering from dementia will behave unusually at public places and shows lack of interest in social activities, where as an individual with normal memory change will carry the same interpersonal skills as they’ve always been.

What You Need To Know

There could be numerous reasons behind symptoms of dementia. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is essential for the management of the disease and its treatment. Therefore, the sooner you address the problem, the better it will be. Make an immediate appointment with your doctor. Doctors often suggest a dementia care facility to obtain appropriate care for dementia patients.

Enrolling your dear one to a reliable assisted living dementia care center will ensure proper care under the observation of trained and experienced staff. A well-equipped assisted living facility will also ensure your loved ones quality senior assisted care, along with wide-range of amenities.

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