Alzheimer’s Care Facility: Where Every Resident is a Priority

As per recent stats released by Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, more than 5.1 million Americans may have this disease. As the disease progresses, an individual may need sensitive care along with assistance in day-to-day activities. In fact, even those who are suffering from an early-stage memory loss or Alzheimer may also require special care by trained staff. That is the reason a lot of people dealing with this disease choose to stay in a specialized Alzheimer’s care facility.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time and information, it often becomes difficult for people to take care of Alzheimer’s patients at home. In addition, in some case, time constraints do not allow us to devote complete attention to our loved ones suffering from Alzheimer or any other serious ailment. Under such circumstances, Alzheimer’s care facilities offer an ideal solution to the concern.

Alzheimer’s care facilities take comprehensive care of the residents, preserve their dignity, and help them continue living an independent life. The staff members employed by such facilities are trained to take utmost care of each resident, and be at their assistance whenever required. In addition, your loved ones get the company of other residents, and participate in various group activities.

Tender Loving Care is an eminent Alzheimer’s care facility that promises world-class care services for Alzheimer’s patients, delivered by trained and experienced staff. We ensure that your loved ones get quality senior assisted care, along with an array of amenities. If you know someone suffering from Alzheimer or any other such ailment, you know who to call. The number is 702-228-2994.

Dr Shawn McGivney

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