Alzheimer’s Care Facility: Treatment beyond Medicines

Dementia, Alzheimer, and memory loss are a few common terms, often used interchangeably, for cognitive impairment. Mostly individuals suffering from these diseases believe that they can perform all routine tasks such as shopping, driving and managing their daily chores alone, but in reality, sometimes they can’t even tell you how they managed to reach the grocery store.

The Need of Assisted Living Dementia Care Facilities

Alzheimer causes poor cognition, which may worsen into a complete degradation of memory after a few years, if ignored. Even worse – Alzheimer patient can have some bizarre behavioral changes, such as paranoia and lack of common sense if left stranded. In a bid to deal with these problems, many people turn to assisted living dementia care facilities.

How an Alzheimer’s Care Facility Helps Patients

Right now you might be thinking why on earth you should send a dear one to any such a facility, which is a completely natural concern. You have all the rights to question the importance of these facilities and the type of services they provide. Let us take a look at what these facilities have in store for Alzheimer patients.

Comprehensive Care by Trained and Empathetic Staff

Every reputable Alzheimer’s care facility employs qualified and trained healthcare professionals to provide medication and behavioral therapies to residents. Committed to offer personalized care, the staff ensures every resident gets undivided attention, and keeps the delicate nature of the disease in mind and acts accordingly, offering friendly assisted care in a comforting environment.

In addition, here is a glimpse of what you can expect from an Alzheimer’s care facility:

  • Hygienic surroundings
  • Family style residential care setting
  • Supportive staff
  • Daily meals
  • Round the clock assistance
  • Emergency provisions


Sometimes, medicines can’t do what caring can. Therefore, if you know someone who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, looking for a reputable assisted Alzheimer’s care facility should be one of your top priorities.

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Dr Shawn McGivney

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