Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Activities of Daily Living for Seniors

ADL’s are the need for assistance with a physical or cognitive task. Insurance companies use ADL’s to defining the terms to qualify for benefits.  Therefore, it is crucial for payment of your insurance benefits that your doctor understands the use of ADL’s.  The doctor must put those terms in your record.



ADL’s are the most basic functions.  They need to be distinguished from IADL’s or Independent Activities of Daily Living.   IADL’s require more cognitive function than ADL’s.  An examples of  ADL’s are making out a check, using the phone or shopping.  IADL’s are typically affected earlier than ADL’s.  Therefore, IADL’s are early indicators of aging and increasing needs for any person with a chronic illness.  Examples include memory loss and Dementia.  Sidney Katz. introduced the concept of ADLs in the 1950s.   Since then the term ADL has been added to and refined by a variety of researchers.

Activities of Daily Living include feeding ourselves, bathing, dressing, grooming,  and toileting. Choosing the right facility is sometimes difficult, visit our SERVICES page.

Adaptive equipment is used to meet ADL needs.

Additionally, adaptive equipment and devices may be used to increase independence in performing ADLs.

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