Kerry McGivney, RN

Geriatric Nursing

Young nurse helping an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Nursing home conceptKerry has had broad medical nursing experience working in a variety of health care settings, but she has always had a strong desire and passion to learn as much as possible about Geriatrics and Chronic Care. Kerry’s training and experience has given her a diverse wealth knowledge about wound care, incontinence care, diabetic management & education, developing care plans, mobility & fall prevention, medication management, nutrition and diet education, psychiatric nursing and other nursing specialties in general and specifically as they related to Geriatrics.

In her pursuit to gain more knowledge she has attended several conferences, completed certifications and CEU trainings in many subjects relating to Geriatrics, Chronic Care, Wellness, Anti-Aging and many more.  In more recent years, she shifted her focused to learning about the diagnosis, management and treatment of Alzheimer’s & Dementia which has given her valuable insight that helps her manage and oversee Tender Loving Care Senor Residence.

Geriatric Case Management

Working as a private Geriatric Case Manager, she gained knowledge & experience working with and learning the policies and procedures of various health care setting; home health, assisted living, hospital, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.  Kerry oversaw the hiring and supervision of private caregivers and coordinated other care services, PT, OT, lab & diagnostics testing, DME (Durable Medical Equipment), personal care supplies and medical transport, as well as, many others.

Kerry also gained knowledge on medical billing and various insurance coverages, all of which impact the care and services seniors receive.  Kerry learned how to help her clients get the most benefit from their insurance for covered items & their out of pocket costs for non-covered items.  Because of her vast knowledge and experience she was able to help her clients receive quality care and saving them money.

Geriatric Long Term Care

Having extensive geriatric experience in various long-term care settings and a broad-based knowledge and understanding of the how the many overlapping services and larger health & seniors care systems impact each other and more importantly, residents and their families, is an essential component to providing the highest quality and continuity of care to our residents and their families.  These experiences have shown her what is missing from health care today and gives her the opportunity to deliver the type and quality of care she would want herself and her loved ones to receive.  Unfortunately, what’s missing in health care today in most cases is Continuity of Care and professional Geriatric Leadership.

Kerry and Shawn often refer to a meaningful quote from the movie Patch Adams “If you treat the disease you win or lose, but if you treat the person, you win no matter what the outcome.” This quote reinforces for them, the importance of focusing on the person & the family, providing the needed emotional support that is often discounted in today’s health & senior care systems.   

Kerry is grateful for her life experiences and training that have motivated and enabled her to pursue her passion to deliver the TLCSR model of care.  TLCSR has the geriatric medical expertise and experience of a Geriatric MD & RN who provide a high level of communication, coordination & continuity of care in a small, person, community setting for an inclusive rate, which translates to high quality care, lasting personal relationships and a high level of satisfaction and comfort felt by all.

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