Dr. Shawn McGivney, MD, RFA

Dr. Shawn McGivney, MD, RFADr. Shawn McGivney, MD, RFA

Dr. Shawn McGivney MD, RFA,  has spent most of his life learning and serving people in the community. More specifically,  his learning & training is focused on aging,  disabilities and chronic illnesses. He has been board certified in both, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.  He has always had a unique ability to embrace leadership roles and has enjoyed being a community advocate.  It is his strong leadership, never-ending passion for learning, admiration for seniors, and his own personal experiences as a caregiver to his parents that have guided him on a path that many do not take.  A path that has given him a deep understanding, knowledge & appreciation of Aging, Wellness and the enormous impact they have on multi-generational families.

Dr McGivney’s Qualifications & Accomplishments